Clued up Aussie teenager hates gay helmets.

Tip of the Moose horns to Angry People.

'Helmets are gay'

And this kid won't be wearing one

SHORTLY after police fined Ashley Thurecht $100 and let down the tyres on his bike after catching the 17-year-old riding without a helmet, he walked to a service station, pumped the tyres back up and kept riding.
The problem was, he had told police where he was going so when he got to his stepbrother’s place at Sippy Downs, police were waiting.
They let down his tyres again and fined him another $100.
Is this how Aussie coppers behave now? I'm surprised they didn't just throw his bike in the canal and be done with it.
Despite the experience, the teenager said he would not start wearing a helmet.
“Helmets are gay and it’s so hot in summer. I know what I’m doing on a bike,” Ashley said.
This week a spotlight has been on the police policy with regard to bike helmets after the Daily first revealed on Monday that Josh Maday, 15, had been forced to let down his own tyres and walk 3km home because he was not wearing a helmet.
Josh’s story made national headlines after police admitted the issue could have been dealt with differently
I would love to know how. Maybe not letting his tyres down, not fining him and letting him decide for himself if he wants to wear a helmet?

Premier Anna Bligh said she was “appalled” by the treatment of Josh.
A spokesperson for police said officers could issue a $100 penalty for riding without a helmet, but could also use their discretion “to ensure the person on the bicycle does not continue to break the law and potentially come to harm if they were to be involved in a crash”.
If they had any discretion to use, they would be out catching criminals instead of bullying kids and breaking their bikes.

Ashley, who lives at Buddina, said he would not start wearing a helmet.
“If I was going to ride down a mountain I would put a helmet on. But I was just riding to my friend’s place,” he said.
“I think it’s a stupid law. I think we should be able to make our own decisions about our safety.”
“When you’re riding on the sides of the road it’s just unnecessary (to wear a helmet),” he said.
Ashley said a helmet would do little to protect somebody if they were hit by a car travelling at 60kmh.

You go kid! Stand up for your right not to wear a gay helmet. And while you're at it, get a hair cut.

The comments section is rife with the usual sheep who follow any law no matter how silly (or gay).

Coming soon: Aussie Rozzers fine teenager and snap his skateboard for using homophobic language.


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