Offensive or Defensive?

There is a company I work for on the sly when I need a bit of extra cash (and not being a public sector jobsworth, that can be quite often).
It usually involves sorting leaflets and catalogues and putting them in envelopes. Sometimes its data entry. Whatever they give me. it's always something I can do at home at weekend while having a beer and writing some pants blog post (or watching Star Trek).
I've got a new one this evening. It's opening letters rather than stuffing them. It's some kind of competition that people have entered, but I won't go into that.
My point is, I have a kick ass antique letter opener in the living room and it's making the job so much easier.
This is the first time I have used the letter opener to open letters. It's actually there for home defence.
Have you read any Geoff Thompson? If not. I recommend you do at your earlies opportunity. Particularly Watch My Back. His days as a bouncer in Coventry.
He is a martial arts instructor, and as a student of self defence (mainly in my earlier years), I have learned a lot from his books and DVDs. One of the things I have taken on board is the need to have a weapon in every room of the house. Not a shotgun or a combat knife. Just a household object that you could defend yourself with if someone broke in.
There is a huge can of hairspray with a one metre spray in the bathroom. There is a large Maglite torch on a clip by the front door. There is a heavy iron poker by the fireplace. You get the idea? Well there is also an antique letter opener in the living room. One that could do serios damage to a burglar, and that's why it's there, not for opening letters. Tonight is the first time I have used it for it's intended purpose, and that's what got me thinking.
I have worked in pubs, in many varied roles for years. During that time I have been in a lot of violent situations. Sometimes you worry that your actions may result in a visit from the police. Sometimes, something very subtle can be the difference between being a hero and spending a month on remand waiting for your trial.
I once went to a self defence cours run by the police for landlords. I remember the copper saying that if a punter pulled a knife on you, pulling your own knife and stabbing him with it will get you in prison. However, picking up a chair and wrapping it round his head will not.
It's the difference between using your own offensive weapon or using a random everyday object.
I've just got a shotgun licence and many of the bloggers already own guns. I would never consider shooting a burglar because I would be sent down for murder. Remember Tony Martin? Mt gun, when I get it will be for sport or a zombie holocaust.
If I did get attacked by an intruder I would mace him with hairspray or whach him with the torch. Then I wouldn't have a problem.
I also have a couple of police batons. One by the bed and one in the car. Mrs Bucko has a pepper spray in her handbag. These are for real emergencies because using them would put us in a lot of trouble.
The police carry a serious array of weapons on their batman utility belts. Baton, pepper spray and now, taser.
Their weapons are allowed because they are "defensive" weapons. If any member of the public has a weapon, be it a gun or a camping knife, it is always classed as an "offensive" weapon.
Every weapon I have just admitted to owning has never, ever (ever) not ever been used in anger. I would class that as defensive.

Pity we are not trusted to defend ourselves.


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