The wierdness of gun control

I've just been granted a shotgun licence.
I used to go shooting with a farmer I knew. Not seen him for a few years but I've always wanted to get back into clay pigeon shooting and now I can. Also, I can defend me and Mrs Bucko against an ever more possible zombie holocaust. I imagine it will begin with the BBC and spread from there to engulf the EU and then the rest of the world.

As a "law abiding citizen" with no criminal record, it was relatively easy to get the licence. I would have thought it would be harder considering the government doesn't trust anyone in the entire country to own a handgun, and you have to give a "valid reason" if you want to own a rifle. Sport is not valid and home defence certainly isn't.

I have been trawling through websites for info on sport shooting. Mainly looking for info on choosing the correct shotgun and how to care for it. I've shot before but never owned a gun. Also I've been trying to completely familiarise myself with the law. I don't want a bunch of robocops turning up at dawn, just because I have broken some minor law that I didn't know existed.

On my travels I came across a random blog from the USA, supporting gun control.

I wont bore you with the original post (It will put you to sleep early) but a couple of the comments caught my eye:

1. Gman spews:
I herd in Yemen that there are 3 AK-47 for every person there, and that is why that Government finds it hard to govern. Are we headed in the same direction? At least they weren’t American supplied riffles, but God knows we like arming the World too, and at times they use those weapons against us. We are our own worst enemy. Let’s all go Rogue.

Are we headed in the same direction? Is it not a good thing that the government finds it hard to govern? The government is supposed to govern by the consent of the people. If the people can defend themselves against an overly tyrannical state then at least they can be free.

Any government anywhere should find it hard to govern. Everything they do should be under the constant scrutiny of the people and anything they do wrong should be stopped.

7. headless lucy spews:
re 5: Considering the rise of Blackwater, I’m still in favor of easy access to guns for American citizens.
How far do you think Iran’s ‘Revolutionary Guard’ would get if each Iranian had 3 AK-47’s?
Not very, is my guess.
 True. We don't actually live in an opressive country like Iran, however we cant tell the future. As long as we are not popping a cap in each other arse for the fun of it (which will never happen anyway) armed citizens can deter the possibility of an overbearing state.
I read an article with an interview with the Japanese general who was in charge of the raid on Pearl Harbour. (I don't have a link and I am too drunk to look for it. Maybe tomorrow.) He was asked why they did not invade mainland USA. He response included the knowledge that most American citizens are armed. They could not have just conquered the capital and claimed victory, they would have had to fight a running battle through every street in the entire continental USA.

Besides, as the saying goes, guns don't kill people. There are already laws against shooting people. Only criminals with unregistered guns ignore those laws and you cant legislate against them anyway.

Here's another good one:

11. sebastian spews:
Why are we supposed to care what “law enforcement” wants? Yeah, I’m sure they’d love to ban guns for civilians. Then they’d feel completely secure while they went around tasering and shooting people.
 Its a nice thought; we have our own problems with overbearing cops. What with Sgt Fucknuts being sent down and that muppet credited with Ian Tomlinsons death. The worst one of all being those coppers who chased Jean Charles De Menzes onto a train and shot him in the face because they had made a mistake. I have no problem admitting to shedding a tear over that one.

But really, could we stop that if we were all carrying guns. Could we draw and shoot a copper because we dint agree with what he was doing? Nah. Its the law that's failing us there. We are forced to hand over our personal defence to the police. We are not allowed self defence anymore. When the police were originally formed, they were supposed to assist in situations that the citizen couldn't handle. Now they have a complete monopoly on law enforcement.

When I was young and stupid, I got involved with a guy beating up a lass in the street and nearly got wasted for my troubles. I got arrested and bailed, the guy did a runner from the cops. I had to return to the police station a week later while they tried to find him and see if he wanted to press charges. The Sargent told me to just call them if something similar ever happened again and not to get involved. If I had called them, the girl could have been in serious trouble by the time they turned up. This was a t the same time that young black kid got stabbed and a politician went on TV saying we should get more involved rather than be a nation of people who walk on by. No, we cant do that; the cops have the monopoly. I know that if I ever see something similar, I will just walk on by,

I'm drifting off topic now. That's because its Friday night and the Guinness is flowing very well. I think I'll join Mrs Bucko on the couch and watch some mind numbing crap on the box with another Guinness. Have a good Friday evening and I'll leave you with this:

Apologies for shit spelling. For dint read didn't etc.


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