Pay the tax you owe and don't be selfish.

I spoke in the previous post about HMRC's hideous plans to have our wages paid to them. On top of that nonsense, we are also in the middle of a huge blunder that will see 1.4 million people owing £1400 in unpaid tax due to an error by the muppets at HMRC.

You would think that this would be the final straw for the British public. You would think people would be so sick of handing over sixty percent of their wages under threat of force, to see it frittered away by an uncaring government that they would be disgusted to learn they owed extra due to the incompetence of the tax collectors. So sick even, that they would not think twice about saying, "No!". That they would happily refuse to pay the £1400, or whatever, when the demand dropped through the door. I am that sick of it. I am also sick of Mr and Mrs Normal who think this is perfectly ok and demand that I should think the same.

Check out these comments from The Wail:

Technically or legally, one MAY not need to refund any payment received BUT let us not forget the MORAL side. If the money received is due to a mistake, for whatever reason, everyone MUST make the refund. It is downright dishonest not to do so. NO one should keep moey NOT rightly due to that person. To do so would be stealing. To encourage people not to return what is not theirs, is abhorrent.

- Robert Chan, Auckland, New Zealand, 7/9/2010 9:55
Your moral duty is to avoid paying tax wherever possible. The Government employs no morals in taking it or spending it. Why should we when paying it?
Isn't the country in a bad enough mess as it is. If you owe the tax then pay it and stop grousing.

- M Davies, Arzal, France, 7/9/2010 9:56
The mess is caused by those who take the tax, not those who pay it. The mess can be straightened out by wasting less money, not by taxing more. I feel no obligation to help out with the countries mess as I had no hand in causing it.
All you selfish people out there, have you thought about all those people, like me who HAVE paid our taxes correctly. How do you look at yourselves in the mirror at night demanding that you are let off what you should have paid!!!

- Jack, Somerset, 7/9/2010 9:56
Easily. I am not selfish for wanting to keep money I have earned. For not wanting to give it to a government that promptly pisses it up the wall. If you are happy with that then go nuts. Don't expect me to be.
Governments don't have money of their own so they use ours. All the overpaid idiots in the media seem to have lost sight of this fact. If people refuse to pay the underpaid tax demanded of them then everyone else who has paid their correct tax must pay more. The fact that the Inland Revenue have made mistakes is irrelevant.

- SeaBee, London UK, 7/9/2010 9:57
You almost understood for a minute there. The government use OUR money because they have none of their own. Yet they are not accountable for how the collect or spend it. We have to account for every penny we earn, not them.
They should be accountable to us because it is our money.
Whilst it is very unfortunate the way this has happened, the crux of the matter is that a significant number ofpeople have not paid their correct share of the running costs of the country. This happens at a time when the government are looking at measures to clear the billions of government debt created by the financial crisis. If these tax errors are written off, the £3.8 billion will be added to the debt to be recovered by cuts and tax increases. Why should I pick up a share of this windfall that these 1.4million have enjoyed? The best compromise would be for them to be given longer to pay the underpayment.

- Richard, Rochford, 7/9/2010 10:07
Where to start with this one? "People have not paid their correct share of the running costs". Tax is money that we have worked hard for that gets wasted by the government. There is no fairness issue here. As to the running costs of the country, that is minimal compared to the amount of tax we are forced to pay. Most of the money goes on civil service, quangos, fake charities, illegal wars and keeping the gravy train fuelled, oiled and running on time. Do you not see any of that?
The windfall that the 1.4 million people will enjoy is a tiny portion of THEIR money that the government has been wasting all their lives. If they can claw a little bit back then good luck to them.
People who refuse to pay this tax will be deemed hypocrites if they continue to complain about people that use legal methods of tax avoidance. Pay up or forever shut up !!

- Paul, Ascot, 7/9/2010 10:26
I agree. Assuming we are saying that people shouldn't complain about those who use legal methods of tax avoidance, but applaud them? Is that what we are saying?

So this is what we are dealing with on a daily basis. Head in the fucking sand. Do as the government tells you with a smile on your face. If you see any dissenters, demand that they do the same.

Fuck the fuck off!


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