Friday Night Moose Music

I'm up for something a bit cheesy tonight.
How about,

I used to play all this cheesy stuff (apart from that last one, it was a bit later) when I DJ'd at Blackburn Ice Arena. Yeah I did!.
I didn't last long in that job; I got fired.

There were health and safety rules back in them days, believe it or not. People used to skate holding hands. The stewards wouldn't let more than two people do this at a time. If three or more were in a chain they would skate over and split you up.

One night (my last as it turned out) I decided to play the Conga by Black Lace, just to see how it went down. Everyone on the ice got into a long chain that went a good three time round the ring. The duty manager came running down to the ice, red faced, and tried to get the stewards to break it up. Trouble was, all the stewards were doing the conga too. He then came running over to the DJ booth to get me to take the record off. I locked the door and refused to let him in until the record was over.

I'm sure he would have punched me in the face if he wasn't only four foot tall. I turned up for work the following week only to find they had got someone else.

They were good times. *long*

And while I was trawling Youtube for tonight's selection, I came across this little gem,


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