When boredom and Google collide

In a desperate attempt to find something, anything to blog about, I typed the search "should be banned" in Google.

This little nugget popped up:

HAVE YOUR SAY: Should 4x4 cars be banned in towns?

This week's News Shopper Thursday Issue discussion asks whether off-road vehicles should be banned on urban roads. Have your say and add your comments below.

The Thursday Issue is very simple. Each week we put a controversial question or suggestion to you, and ask if you agree or disagree with it.

Here is this week's:

There should be a ban on 4x4 off-road type vehicles in built-up areas. They are too big, too dangerous to other road users and too gas-guzzling, but above all they look stupid travelling around without a spec of mud on their bodywork.

It seems boredom and lack of something to write has gripped the "News Shopper" too.

The eight responses are quite good:

Make Life, In your heart says...
1:22pm Thu 5 Aug 10

good argument, lets ban them because they look stupid!! How about we ban this Rant because it asks stupid questions? Why should 4x4's be banned from built up areas? If people have enough money to buy one/run one then why shouldn't they drive it where ever they like.

Erastus, Bexley says...
2:53pm Thu 5 Aug 10

I don't think ALL 4x4s should be banned in towns - only those driven by women. Women just can't handle large cars because they lack the spatial awareness that comes naturally to men.
You can read all about women drivers in my latest blog in 'Opinion & Blogs': 'WOMEN DRIVERS: The curse of mankind'.

Search as I might, I cant find this blog. I was looking forward to reading it too.

And a shameless plug:

thegreenmarket, Montreal says...
3:36pm Thu 5 Aug 10

A 4x4 is a problem when it relies on a combustion engine. However, new greener vehicles can help solve the problem. Check out the new fully electric 4x4 from Liberty Energy.

I've got to ask. How long does it take to charge a 4x4 and how far down the street will a full charge get you? (I am assuming it's wireless)

This is pants journalism at best. Nothing to write so attempt to stir up the righteous into a frenzy. We have enough interfering busybodies with their own agendas, trying to chip away at peoples liberty. We don't need rubbish local rags fuelling the fire, simply in a crappy attempt to sell more papers.

Come to think of it, this is pants blogging. I'll go and do some work now.......


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