Wasting our money

New Blackburn Fire Station Plan Revealed.

Ok, there has to be something to blog about here. I mean Blackburn already has a fire station.

the current station, which was built in 1915, was ‘poorly planned and unsuitable for use as a community fire station’.

it (is) coming to the end of its useful life, had poor conditions for staff and (does) not meet hygiene conditions

Ok, I'll admit it is a bit of a dog. But what about the cost to taxpayers?

The new station,... will be built ... under a multi-million pound Public Finance Initiative contract.

Ok, well I don't want to get into the ins and outs of the PFI on a Monday morning. There must be something else?

THIS is the first picture of Blackburn’s new fire station – complete with its own eco-friendly roof garden.

Artists’ impressions of the building show a ‘living roof’ covered in low-growing plants which the architects said would improve insulation

Oh for fucks sake. I had to ask.....


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