Star Trek II. The Wrath of Cows.

Mark Wadsworths predicted cow war seems to be taking a turn for the eugenic. As reported by Dave and the Daily Mail 100 super cows have infiltrated the British Dairy industry and are planning an uprising (maybe).

Dave asks the insightful question, "Is it 100 cloned cows or one cow cloned 100 times?".

Big quote:

The Food Standards Agency watchdog doesn't even know where the cows at the centre of the investigation are, it has emerged, because the body responsible for registering all pedigree cows and bulls on farms, Holstein UK, would not disclose the information.
The Mail revealed yesterday that milk from the direct offspring of a clone had been put on shelves, despite this being illegal.
Eight of these direct offspring of the same cloned cow have been born in Britain, and they have gone on to produce a further 97 animals, and very probably more.
Worryingly for opponents of clone farming, there is currently no legislation against meat and milk from this next generation being supplied to UK consumers without special labelling.

So meat and milk descended from cloned cows may be being sold to us in shops. Try as I might, I can't find a reason why I care.

Cloning, GM etc? I'm all for it. Are millions not dying of hunger right now? Lets get over these irrational fears of what is different.