Don't blame the yobs. It's all that Clarkson fella

Jeremy Clarkson slammed after pensioner’s Reliant is tipped over – TWICE

An elderly motorist branded Jeremy Clarkson ”irresponsible” today after his Reliant Robin was tipped over twice by yobs recreating a stunt from Top Gear.

Now if it was my Robin Reliant (*Snigger*), I think I would be "Slamming" the yobs who tipped my car over, not Jeremy Clarkson.

During the show – aired on Sunday night – host Clarkson is shown repeatedly turning a Reliant Robin on its side as he speeds round corners.
Over the next two nights Barry, of St Austell, Cornwall, found yobs had attacked his white three-wheeler and pushed it over on its side.

So Jeremy Clarkson creates an entertaining (sorry, I like Top Gear) TV program in which he races a three wheeler round a track and keeps turning it over on the corners.

Yobs respond with some king of monkey-see-monkey-do-ism and tip this guys car over in his driveway.

Oh Jeremy, you are so irresponsible.

Thats why yobs think they can get away with doing this king of crap. Not once in the article did anyone place blame on the people that actually caused this vandalism. It's all the fault of television.

I think there are people out there who look for any excuse to have a pop at JC, just because he isn't PC and doesn't subscribe to all that global warming crap.

Barry, a great-grandfather-of-five, has now branded Clarkson’s stunts as ”ridiculous, irresponsible and dangerous”.

It's JCs ridiculousness, irresponsiblitiy and dangerousness that make Top Gear worth sitting down to.

It's the yobs ridiculousness, irresponsiblitiy and dangerousness that caused the criminal damage to Barrys pride and joy.

The total repair bill is at least £1,000 and following the first incident Barry was so distressed he need medical treatment from paramedics.

They always take it too far don't they. I know I grow attached to my cars but treatment from paramedics? Come on.


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