Binge Drinking Killed Off The Wooly Mammoth

Woolly mammoth extinction 'not linked to humans'

Oh? Sorry, my mistake.

Woolly mammoths died out because of dwindling grasslands - rather than being hunted to extinction by humans, according to a Durham University study.
You can see where I went wrong with the title. Even 11,400 years ago we were being blamed for all the bad stuff.
This time, it turns out, humans were not responsible. The woolly mammoth was not hunted into extinction; we can't be blamed for this one.


Killed off by a mammoth climate shift

Climate change and the spread of forests killed off the woolly mammoth and its mammal cousins - not spear-wielding humans.
Now I am confused. It wasn't humans but it was - Climate change?
But I thought the climate has been totally stable throughout history, until humans started belching carbon.
Am I wrong? I need a lie down.


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