Them Bloody Burkas!

I've just been involved in an interesting debate about the possible burka ban. My point of view on this subject is that people should be allowed to wear whatever rubbish they want to. I do not and never will beleive in banning things.

Apparently though, I am a silly tantrum thrower who needs to grow up. Get some of this:

My first comment:
BuckoTheMoose, Darwen says...
4:56pm Mon 19 Jul 10
Personally I think the burka is a vile thing and I hate them. I also hate those people who would choose to ban things they don't like.
If someone wants to cover their face because of some backward superstition then fair enough. Leave them to it. It is no business of anyone else and it doesn't affect anyone else.
Fair enough, dont let them in banks if there is a no face covering policy; one rule for all ect, but banning them is not the answer. people should be free to wear any old rubbish they want

watchingyou, Blackburn says...
7:18pm Mon 19 Jul 10
BuckoTheMoose, Your argument does not hold water at all. Even wearing one on the street can be real bad. Again, My OLD and DISABLED Sister had a Bhurka wearing pram pusher ram the pram into the back of my Sisters leg. Blood was pouring down her leg and only a man who had been watchin ran over to my Sister to help her. The Bhurka wearin woman just looked at my Sister leg and started to walk away without a word ! THEN, the man shouted loudly " Hey look what you have done ! " and the woman said " Me no understand " and just simply walked away. My Sister takes Prednisolone Steroid tablets ( Prescribed ) and on long term. Her skin is as thin as paper and it took MONTHS for the woud to heal. Even if the incident had been video`ed this woman could not have been traced.SO WHAT DO YOU SAY NOW BUCKO ?

I won't read into the personal polotics of someone who call themselves "WatchingYou"....

BuckoTheMoose, Darwen says...
7:43pm Mon 19 Jul 10

I say the same as I said before thanks. You don't blanket ban something just because of one unfortunate incident.
How do you know that even had anything to do with wearing a burka. She may just have not been watching where she was going. That happens all the time and its down to ignorant people, not burkas.

My arguement holds plenty of water. Yours is emotional and based on supposition. You even state that your sister is disabled as though she is more important than other folk.

People should be allowed to were whatever they want. Its their actions that should be judged, not their clothes. The woman in your story was obviously wrong, but that doesn't mean ban burkas or prams or pavements or disabled people.

watchingyou, Blackburn says...
8:00pm Mon 19 Jul 10
BuckoTheMoose, As I have said before, AFTER the IGNORANT incident THEN the covered face became the issue. And if this is only one such incident out of possibly many others that happen then your argument is still full of stupidity. So read posts properly before you comment, in this case the Bhurka was VERY important. How would anybody have been able to identify this person, and also what if she likes going round public places doing this to other people ? I mentioned my sister because she obviously was the SUBJECT of the incident. And by the way don`t start to get stroppy and insulting you IGNORAMUS !

I think WatchingYou wants eveybodys face to be on CCTV 24/7 in case they cause an accident and need to be held accountable. Iv'e tried to make the point that in this persons story, the pram pushing burka bandit was rather ignorant and insensitive to walk away, however, had she not been wearing a burka, its unlikely to have made a difference. being a cunt is not a criminal act.

My turn:
BuckoTheMoose, Darwen says...
8:07pm Mon 19 Jul 10
Who's being insulting?
What would have happened if she wasn't wearing a burka? Nothing. Being stupid and ignorant is not a criminal offence.

And you think she makes a hobby of walking round town hitting people with a pram? Really?

But I'm still being ignorant:
watchingyou, Blackburn says...
8:18pm Mon 19 Jul 10
As I have said YOU ARE BEING IGNORANT ! Read your own post. And I did not say she made a habit of hitting people I posed a supposition as to how others and her could be involved in such incidents. And your insult is how I think that my sister is more important than anybody else. So I will expand on what I have said. Get your facts right, and read what you print before you post it. And you have flared up because I DARED to say that your argument does not hold water, So grow up and stop being stupid and ignorant.

So lets try and bring it to a close:
BuckoTheMoose, Darwen says...
8:28pm Mon 19 Jul 10
Flared up? I'm trying to have a rational debate. You are the one using all the capital letters.

Quote: "and also what if she likes going round public places doing this to other people".

You did not mention others being involved in similar incidents, you said she and other people.

I do read my posts, and those that I respond to.

Anyway, I'm off to watch some telly. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

But I'll never win with my tantrums:
watchingyou, Blackburn says...
8:44pm Mon 19 Jul 10
BuckoTheMoose, I`ve come across people like you before, and " She and other people " means exactly others involved in similar incidents. You start a debate get things wrong, wind people up then RUN ! You have totally lost it and if you come back I will be waiting ! I have picked gapeing holes in your argument and no, you were NOT trying to hold a civilised conversation and capital letters are used to emphasize a point be it either subject or predicate, and if you did not know capital letters are not expletives or insults . Glad to be rid of you so that I can reply to somebody with some brains. But I will always be here and apparently you will never win with your tantrums.

Oh well. I'll take my brainless insults and tantrums somewhere else then.

Shuiab Khan , the columnist in the telegraph says we all live behind our own veils. Mobile phones, laptops etc. I can see some sense in his thinking. I have commented before about the modern tendancy to shun thoses around us in favour of our own little worlds.

Not really the same as someone covering their face for religous reasons though. The bottom line is, we can't stop people from wearing whatever they want, no matter how much of a muppet we think they are. There may be a case for not allowing burkas in certain situations. If banks don't allow crash helmets or hoodies then the same should apply to burkas. Having said that, if someone walks into a bank wearing a crash helmet they are going to do one of two things: Approach the counter and make a transaction or pull out a sawn off shotgun and shout, "Any of you fuckin' pricks move, and I'll execute every mother fuckin' last one of ya".

I'm sure it won't make a difference if you ask him to remove his helmet first.....


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