Sunbed season?

So I was in the smoking shelter this afternoon having a sneaky cigar, and all the packing room birds were talking about their coming holidays abroad. They were all discussing how long they need to spend on the sunbed before they go away.

I've never understood why women need to get a tan before they go away.
To me, you go abroad, get a tan, then come home looking brown. Whats the point if you spend ages on a sunbed before you go.

Anyway, one was saying she was going with her sister who is already brown and doesn't want to look white next to her. Others were saying they don't want to look white by the pool ect, ect.

I noticed a rather bigger problem than how white these girls looked. They are also fat and ugly. I would have though they would have addressed those issues before making sunbed appointments.
If I saw one of them by a pool wearing a bikini, my first thought would not be, "Ooh she's a bit milky". It would more likely be "Ow, my eyes! My eyes!"

Girls. If its important to you to be brown, loose the pies and go to the gym first. Otherwise you are just wasting your money.

Have a good evening and please use sunbeds responsibly