Retard sues Google

A big h/t to Al Jahom for spotting this dose of tomfoolery.

Google sued over crash route

A woman is suing Google after claiming its maps application gave her directions to a motorway where she was run over.
Lauren Rosenberg (Complete Biff) is seeking more than £70,000 in damages from the internet search engine claiming they were directly at fault for the accident.
Mrs Rosenberg used Google maps in January last year to get directions by foot to a pal's house.
The application told her to walk for half a mile along "Deer Valley Drive" — which turned out to be a section of the Utah State Route 224 — a motorway with no pavements.

I remember a saying the teachers used to use when I was at primary school, "If X told you to jump under a bus, would you do it?"
If Google told you to "Go play on a motorway", would you do it?

The case claims that Mrs Rosenberg wasn't warned about this by Google — making them responsible.

What a complete retard! She walks onto a fucking motorway, but Google are responsible because they didn't warn her? Big fucking motorway! Very big. Lots of nasty cars. Very noisey. You don't need fucking warning that, that might not be the safest thing to do!

The driver of the car involved in the collision, Patrick Harwood, is also named in the suit, Rosenberg v Harwood.

Of course he is. /facepalm

Both Harwood and Google are being sued in the same case, for damages 'in excess of $100,000'.
Google say the directions came with a warning for pedestrians — but Mrs Rosenberg claimed her Blackberry screen was too small to display the caution.

And whose fucking fault is that!
I'm off to put some ice cubes down my pants- my piss is boiling.