Kids have fight (and stuff)

I never fail to be impressed by the journalistic successes of my local rag, The Lancashire Telegraph. Be it "Primary school kids hate gays" or "Cat stuck up tree", the LET journalists are fighting tirelessly to bring the news to the local people.

There's only the hard copy of this one so no link available:

Boy 11 punched girl 10 in fight
A ten year old girl was kicked and punched by an 11 year old boy in a fight over playground equipment.
"My turn on the swings, you c**t!"

Police were called to Audley community centre....
In my day you could have a fight after school without someone calling the police. WTF?

The girl filmed part of the assault on her phone but it was knocked from her hand.
Stop happy slapping yourself.

An arguement over who was using the facilities escalated, police said. No arrests have been made.
No shit, Sherlock

And in the same edition

Police called to "fight"

A play fight between and 11 year old boy and a 25 year old man ended with the police being called.
The mother of the 11 year old boy rang 999 and alleged that the man had tried to strangle her son on the settee.

No arrests were made.


It is very reassuring to live in an area of the country where all the crimes have been solved.


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