Gun control

Once again we have another tragedy in the news and this one, for Britain, is a particularly tragic but fortunately rare one.
I'm not here to comment on the tragedy, only the possible consequences. The last time something comparable to this happened, it was followed by a public outcry that was in turn followed by a raft of New Labour knee jerk legislation.
We are all aware of the results of the handgun ban. Handgun owners forced to give up the tools of their sport, gun clubs ruined and the British Olympic team forced to practice in another country.
And despite all this, gun crime has increased.
And now its happened again. This time by someone using a licenced shotgun and .22 rifle. I havent seen it yet but there are bound to be calls for shotguns and rifles to be banned. Maybe even as I am typing this it will be starting. The general public who have been conditioned by 13 years of nannyism will definately call for "action". Freinds and family of the victims will want to ensure that "this never happens again". At the risk of sounding heartless, victims families are rarely objective. And I'm sure there are one or two anti gun pressure groups out there who will be wringing their hands with glee.

The question is, how will the new governement respond to all this? We know what Labour would have done. What will the ConDems do? Are they really the party of liberty or are they just another bunch of knee jerkers?

I'm sure we will find out very soon.

As Anna Raccoon so rightly said, " If Mr Bird had run into just one person carrying a concealed firearm, how many lives could have been saved? "

Is this a sentiment that the government will agree with? I doubt it.

I was discussing with Captain Ranty and LordHutton , the other day, about the benefits of owning a shotgun. Lord H provided us with all the info we need to get licenced and get a shotgun. I wonder how much more difficult that process will get now. Or even if it will be possible at all.

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