Budget cuts and moaning lefties

You're preparing tea; it will be ready in half an hour and your child asks if he can have a packet of crisps. How do you respond?

1) If your child is a toddler, its unlikely they have any concept of anything yet. To avoid a paddy, you may give a firm no, but explain that it is because tea will be ready soon and you don't want them to spoil their appetite. At that age, understanding does not come easy and you still may get a tantrum which you don't have time for at the moment. Give them a carrot or something to chew on while you continue preparing tea.

2) If you child is a few years older, you may still follow the above approach but (providing you have done your job as a parent), you are unlikely to get a tantrum as a result.

3) If your child is a teenager, they more than likely understand what is going on and they are just trying their luck. A firm no, with no explanation will suffice. They know the score.

4) If you child is in their late teens or early twenties, chances are they will just get their own bag of crisps if they really want one. They may even prepare their own tea at a time that suits them. They fully understand the concept and will make their own arrangements to deal with their tea time hunger.

You're holding a budget. The economy is in tatters and needs fixing but the populace is uncomfortable with the idea of cuts. How do you respond?

Labour have been in power for the past 13 years. See point one above. Go easy on the budget and just scratch the surface.

Labour have been in for the past two terms. See point 2 above and go for more sweeping cuts.

Labour have had just the one term in office before being thrown back out again. They did promise an awful lot of free stuff though. See point three above. Do what needs to be done.

Socialism does not exist. See point four above. The people will understand, however, the economy is probably ok anyway so no need to worry.


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