Slow news day?

Ewood Park sports dinner ends in '40-man brawl'

Really? Are you sure?

POLICE were called to reports of a 40-man brawl in the street after a sportsman’s dinner at Ewood Park on Saturday.

The incident was described by police as a ‘non-event’, but reports from witnesses said it ‘turned the night sour’.

Police confirmed they had received a call to a ‘disturbance’ involving several men outside the Jack Walker Stand at 12.15am.

A spokesman said: “Police attended and found groups of men in that location, but there was no fighting going on.

I thought it was a 40 man brawl?

“Despite initial inquiries, no one was forthcoming with any information.

"No one has come forward and said they have been assaulted.”

The Lancashire Telegraph understands a fracas between a small group of people at the dinner escalated.

Wow! No fight? No assaults? People doing nothing? That was worth my 40p. NOT.